The Morning Garden

The Morning Garden,

I’ve been away too long. Cities and stones have their own particular charm, and my love of beautiful architecture is one of the driving forces in my life, but there’s something about a morning garden. I like to walk out just as the sun is coming up, when it skims golden along the top of the grass, or early on days when the sounds are muted by mist, or cool and dewy mornings where everything glistens. I like to go every day, really, to watch the subtle changes of the seasons, to see what’s blooming and what’s fading. I like digging in the cool earth with bare hands. The flavours aren’t like those of bought food. You notice an earthiness to carrots, sweetness in lettuce, and freshness to peas. As your senses become attune to the subtleties, you become more aware of your surroundings, of the smallest changes throughout the day or year, changes in your environment, changes in yourself.

The Morning Garden,

The Morning Garden,

The Morning Garden,

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