Prada Marfa

Prada Marfa, West Texas

Ah that weird, wonderful destination that is Prada Marfa. Not actually in Marfa, but beyond the small town of Valentine, Texas, just a little past the point where you decide you’ve gone too far and think about turning back, Prada Marfa sits as a strange and fantastic art installation, an iconic folly in the middle of the desert. It’s the perfect place to go when you have nowhere else to go to. It takes long enough to reach that it feels like a bit of an adventure.

Once you arrive, you’ll find there’s nothing to do there but take photos that look just like everyone else’s photos because the landscape never changes and the weather never seems to, either. You may find yourself racing tumbleweeds or walking down the adjacent train tracks to give some semblance of form and meaning to your journey, as much of a folly as Prada Marfa itself.

Prada Marfa, West Texas

Prada Marfa, West Texas


Prada Marfa, West Texas

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